Monday, February 23, 2015

I really am in love

With these belts.

Simple.  So pretty.
Shades of red - burgundy, rose, crimson.
I've got 11 belts done.  Honestly, I think I could make 40 more and still be having fun.  Which I'll probably do, since I'm trying to plan early for summer and fall shows.  I know, I know.  Months away.  But thinking of spring and summer will hopefully get me through the rest of this gloomy, brutal winter.

This reminds me of a mermaid belt.  I was going to add lots and lots of shells but decided to keep it simple.  Kinda.
Wouldn't this be a beautiful addition to a bohemian wedding dress?

I like thinking about who will wear these - the different ways they can be used, what kind of outfits they'll be worn with, what types of parties they'll go to.  'Cause I'm certain these belts are made for parties.  For showing off.

Wouldn't this be pretty with a t-shirt and jeans?  Even the lining is great.

I'm happy with how the belts wrap, though I do think I'm going to switch to cotton laces.  I worry that ribbon will be too slippery for dancers.  

I just love the color combinations I can get with the roving.  So blend-able.  So textural.  And I admit, it's been bunches of fun to hunt for the trimmings.  Since it's been below freezing here for the past month, I've moved most of my supplies into the only available space - my bedroom.  Looks like a fabric closet in there!  (I'd post pictures but I'm too embarrassed.)

The brown flowers on this were once part of a brown lace shirt.  I like it better in this incarnation.
I've got a stack of bead embroidery orders that I need to work on in the next few weeks.  Along with school and a trip to Kansas to see my youngest brother and his family.  So the belts will be on the backburner for a bit.  But at night, when I'm trying to fall asleep, I'm thinking of designs.  Which piece of embroidery scrap goes with what roving.  And I'm anxious to work on the ideas I have for scarves.  And clothing.  And upcycled clothing.

So many ideas, so little time.

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  1. The second photo and the mermaid one ~ love the colors in both of those! These are all wonderful ~ great textures and designs. Enjoy all the future belts ~ cannot wait to see all that will follow these first few!