Monday, March 23, 2015

Inspiration: Gypsy Wagon

I saw this online a few years ago:

Gypsy Wagon
My first thought:  I want one!

My second thought:  How can I get one?

Well, a gypsy wagon is still on my bucket list.  But in the meantime, until I get one (and I will get one), I get to plan for when I get one.

Maybe, it'll look like this:

Pinterest photo
Of course, inside, it would look something like this.  With more twinkle lights.

And, then, I saw this:

And I immediately wished that I didn't owe so much in student loans.  'Cause I would totally put all of my beads and felt and trimmings into an Airstream, buy a truck, and hit the road.  Now, I know that it's not as easy as this.  For 18 months, many years ago, I was a traveling jewelry saleswoman.  It's a hard way to make a living (especially with Bush in office).


Doesn't this look wonderful?  And fun?  And adventurous?  Can you imagine this inspiration that would come from traveling all over the country?

I guess I'm a vagabond at heart.


  1. I've have held onto the same fantasy for quite a while too. The charm of those gypsy wagons, the people they would invite, the jewelry that would flow, and the road...the lure of the road is strong and romantic.