Sunday, April 5, 2015


Easter Sunday always reminds me of my Grandma Mejeur.  She had this "theory" that if Easter Sunday was warm and sunny, the next six weeks would be.  Not sure she had any scientific evidence for that.  More likely, she judged the spring season by how plentiful the bulb flowers were.

Daffodils, the happiest flower
As I do walk-abouts in the garden, I can see it coming to life.  Tulip tips are showing.  Hyacinths are coming up.  We'll have daffodil blooms in the next few days.  Even the robins have returned.  They woke me up this morning, as a matter of fact.

Spring = plenty.  Plenty of warm, sunny days ahead.  Plenty of creativity, as the garden is a continual inspiration for color and texture and growth.  

In less than two weeks, I'll be done with a major assignment.  Finally.  And, I'm almost scared to say it, but it looks like my summer is fairly free to play with beads and felt in the garden.  NO FRENCH all day every day this summer!  Oh, the joy.  Minimal teaching.  Also, joy.

I have big plans about pulling the work tables out into the yard, where I can roll out nuno scarves.  

Big plans.  

Like those bulbs just beginning to adventure out into the world, I'm watching out for any sign of frost that will nip those plans in the bud.  New life.  It's fragile.



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