Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Dangers of an Overworked Mind

Early this morning, I dreamed that I had Charlie Sheen as a student.

In a Gender and Women's Studies class.

banner from University of Dearborn

He sat in the front row.

Unfortunately, Mr. Sheen kept getting up to leave the room.  I assumed to check baseball scores on his phone.  Apparently he respected my strict "no phone in class" policy.  But every time he left the room, it disrupted class.  And it made other students think they could get up and walk around.

stock photo of glove
I waited until everyone was back in their seats before announcing that I would treat any further disruptions by the rules of strip poker.

Students laughed and cheered.

Until I told them to look around the room.  And to think about what they had on.  When they realized it wouldn't be so funny or so cool, many looked very nervous.  Mr. Sheen included.

And then, instead of going on with a lesson, I made them all take out paper and pen and write a paper on the essay that they were supposed to have read.

While my students are quite a bit older than this one, this is their general reaction to paper writing.
Did I mention that I'm working on the revision of my last PhD exam?  On Feminist Theory.  A field with lots of big words and complicated sentences that run on for a page and a half (no joke).

I might be overworking my brain, just a bit.

This is approximately half of the books I've read in the past year,.  Well, it feels that way, anyway.  Of course, this is a stock photo.  I do NOT look that sane.  Or relaxed.

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