Friday, April 10, 2015


I've been collecting ribbon and trim and embroidery scraps for years.  Years!  I'd tuck 'em away in a bin in the garage and every spring, when I cleaned the garage, I'd pull out the bin(s) and think, some day.

ribbon and yarn
Some day is apparently here.

In the doldrums of this past winter, when it felt like spring would never come and bring happy color with it, I pulled a few of my bins into the house, to live in my bedroom.

MORE ribbon
Since I started making the felted belts, I needed decoration.  Right?

would you believe MORE ribbon?  and some lace.
I have pretty good luck finding ribbon and lace at yard sales and estate sales.  Apparently I am not the only trim junkie on the planet.  It's the texture, I think.  And the patterns.

My favorite scraps - from old pillows and saris.  Most of these are just a few inches big, perfect for small accents.
Or maybe it's the history.  I am, after all, a historian.  

Yikes!  They multiply!
Here's where the tribbles come in.  Did you know that fabric and trim multiply?  Really.  If you don't do anything with them or only play with them occasionally, they reproduce.  In fact, they procreate so fastly that they'll take over a room!

See that thing draped in white?  It's my new sewing machine, the one I got for Christmas but haven't even threaded yet!  Partly - no time.  Realistically, no room!

It's nice when the tribbles get organized.
Now that spring is officially here, I can move these tribbles back out to the garage.  Once I clean the garage.  Trust me, there will be NO photographic proof ever of the condition of the garage.

Of course, there are more bins of tribbles to be in the garage.  A friend closed her vintage clothing store and gifted me with a BIG bag of goodies to cut down.  (A future blog.)

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