Monday, May 11, 2015

Designing Woman

My favorite necklaces to make are what I call "collage" necklaces.  Where I take a bit of this and a bit of that and a bit of bling, and mix 'em all together.

Fleur, circa late 1990s
The necklace above is one example.  These were the kinds of necklaces that first got me hooked on bead embroidery.  Way back when, twenty three years ago.  I went to lots of antique shops and estate sales and yard sales, picking up all sorts of odds and ends.  This was before there were great bead stores and online sources.  

Berkana, circa late 1990s.
Luckily, I lived in Las Vegas at the time, the land of bling.  And where friends loved to wear unusual jewelry.

Ronnie's Bling, 2013
This summer, I'm planning to get back to my roots a bit with some more collage necklaces.  Just need to figure out how to lay them out.

This will be a bigger piece.  And I think I'm going to use some citrine chips as the background.  Seems like the perfect summery mix.

Here's another.  Honestly, I'm not sure these piece will work.  But, maybe.  The main thing in a collage necklace is to get the balance right.  Colorwise, it's not too hard for me.  Weight-wise might be a bit more difficult.  I've got fairly heavy copper drops and a high profile druzy cabochon to balance with polymer pieces and a lightweight silver stamping.  The gemstone cabcochons will fit in anywhere.  They're more for accents and to bring in the energy of the rocks.

 On the above (very blurry picture), I'm undecided.  Do I go with the silver?

Or, with copper?

I'm leaning towards the copper.

I'm also going to be hitting the spring and summer estate/garage/yard sales.  Can't wait.  These always have the most unique finds!

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  1. This is pretty much what I do, too; going to garage sales, estate sales, Goodwill/Salvation Army...I've even been to our local junk yard before scouring and looking for random, weird, shiny, etc things that I can repurpose and use in my designs. It's SUPER budget friendly and you truly make OOAK pieces you can boast about. Personally I'd love to see the copper (last picture) come to life!