Saturday, May 16, 2015

Trivia Crack

This past week, one of my students told me about the game Trivia Crack.  Now, I'm hooked.

However, in playing, I've noticed a distinct lack of women included in the questions and answers.  yes, there is the usual contemporary entertainers - Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Oprah, etc.

Maybe I'm over-sensitive to this since I'm a feminist and my academic studies focus on women.  After all, my dissertation takes the discipline of History to task for its continued lack of including women in what is taught about history.  Even the National History Bee, which is one of the leading scholarship contests for elementary students, neglects to address women in its questions and answers.

So, I'm taking advantage of the "Create Questions" options available on Trivia Crack.  This morning I submitted 25 questions that focus on women's achievements.  I submitted in the categories of History and Art and even Science (though, no surprise, Science is my weakest subject).  I'm trying to focus on the women that we don't hear much about, paying special attention to women of color as they often get left out of popular conversations.

I figure it's one way to expose more people to all of the marvelous things that women have done.  Small steps.  You're welcome to join me.

And, if you want to play me in a friendly game of Trivia Crack, my screen name is justbrez.  :)

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