Friday, May 1, 2015


I've been whipping up some WIPS. 
Some, like this one above, I've had in the works for a few years.

I like to work from piles.  (I think this comes from the stack of academic books I always have piled up, to be read.)  So, every few months, I go through some of my bins of treasures and pull out things that look like interesting pieces to work with.  I glue a bunch of pieces down and/or put components into baggies, for later.

Here's another one that's been in the planning stages for a while.  Not sure why.  
It's a really simple piece.

 I picked up this handy cigar box when I was in Kansas this spring.  It's nice and deep,
a good container to keep pieces in progress.

While I rarely do two pieces that are alike, I did a crane necklace last fall that sold almost immediately.  Since then, I've had two galleries contact me for the "crane" necklace.  I think these two will work as replacements.  The felt piece - well, it's my attempt to start letting loose of some lampwork beads.  (More on that in an upcoming post.)
I've also had customers asking for collage necklaces.  I think this coppery raku piece will fit the bill.

I'm excited about these two pieces.  The brown one is a cool mix of a wood button and a chunk of agate.  I think I'm going to add lots of fringe around the agate.  The pink/purple collar will also get fringe, in the same bold pink drops as on the right side.  I love doing these kinds of collars - simple but lots of texture!

For my ode to spring, I did these two pieces.  Delicate flowers, size 15 seed beads, aka headache beads (because of the eye strain.)  I think I'm happiest with the little touches of crystal in these pieces.

Love these "destash" pieces from Joan Miller.  While I don't do sets very often, I can't break these up.
It'll be a great necklace and earring set, with some rose quartz or rhodonite beads.

I found these cool pieces of pottery (on the left) and rough azurite (on the right) in AZ last year and have been wanting to work them up into something special.  I love the rustic quality, the "oldness" of them.

This sweet little polymer owl is, well, sweet.  At only about an inch and a half, it's fairly tiny so I bulked it up a bit with some gemstones.  Loving it.  And, ammonites are always fun to work with.  This one's paired with goldstone, red jasper, and a purple cats eye cab, for a bit of color.  I love the combination of browns, oranges, and purple.

And, finally.  A couple I have yet to start.  I'm on the fence about the druzy below the wings and rose quartz cabs.  Seems like a bit of overload.  Same thing with the blue/green piece.  I'm undecided on the druzy.  The only way to know for sure will be to get started.

Maybe, tomorrow.


  1. You have such a box of goodies going! Each picture made me "oooooo" "ahhhhh" "that is my favorite!" But the second photo as well as the darker green crane really grabbed my attention.
    You have such a vision with these bits and pieces and you put them together So Well!!
    Gorgeous works in progress!

  2. These are so beautiful, each in its own way -- every one sings its own tune. And your creativity has inspired me to dig through my bead room and start a new embroidered piece!

    1. Yay, Bobbie! I say, take inspiration wherever you find it!

  3. oh wow! that is a whole lot of beady goodness!