Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Felting Lessons

Some things I'm learning from felt:

1.  I'm a control freak.

Okay.  I knew this already.  But felt is underscoring the lesson.  Those little wisps of roving have a mind of their own.  Really.  They go where they want.  Add in a bit of wind and, well.  Control not an option.  I'm learning to be happy with the general direction.

The beginning.  Sari scraps and pinkish roving.

2.  Felting is a good all over work out.  A great upper body workout.  If I keep this up, I'm going to have Michelle Obama arms and shoulders.  Which I'll thank her for by sending her a scarf.    

Rubbing.  Lots and lots of rubbing.  Made easier by this magical, wonderful tool from Heartfelt Silks
3.  Felting is a good team sport.  Mom was over the other day and felted with me.  So much fun.  So good to laugh together.  

In process.  I kinda dig the cobweb scarf.  Especially for summer.
4.  Just when I'm thinking "this sucks big bananas and I've wasted 3 ounces of roving" the piece takes on a life of its own.  Like beading.  Just when I'm ready to give up, things come together.  Which is probably a really good life lesson, too.

The holes are intentional, part of the cobwebby effect.  Well, that and I'm not quite sure how much roving to use yet.
5.  Fulling is a good stress release.  Something about banging wet felt down HARD on a table.  Splat.  Scares the cats.  Also kinda scares me.  My mom took to this step like a champ.  She'd been talking about her little sister, who she's been squabbling with for 75 years.  BAM!  BAM! BAM!  

Honestly, I didn't know she could get that angry.  Except at my dad.  Or when dealing with a 16 year old me.

It's growing on me, even though I am not a pink girl.  Love how the sari fabric is ruffley.
6.  Vinegar makes me itch.  Wool, at least the merino wool in these scarves, does not.  (The vinegar gets rid of the soap in the finished scarf.)  I also love how versatile the scarves are.  These will be great for winter, and great over the shoulders in summer.  I made them long.  Hate a too short scarf.

Scarf Two of the day.  Very bright.  Very cobwebby.  It's headed to J's thesis advisor as a thank-you present.
7.  If I keep giving these suckers away, I'm not going to have any left to sell this fall and winter.  They take about two hours to make, give or take.  Not bad.  And, bonus, it doesn't matter how hot it is outside, because I'm playing with water.  

Okay, really digging this one.
8.  I think I'm hooked.  And I might even take a class in this.  Something I haven't ever done with beads.  But it might be a way to build my confidence.  And learn how to add different things, do different things.  Hey, I'm already trying new things.  I had country music on while working the felt.  Miranda Lambert.  Good tunes to move to.  

Haven't listened to country music since the Dixie Chicks broke up.  Huh.  Maybe a scarf will get them back together?


  1. These are fantastic! I can't wait to see how you (eventually) combine felting with your belts and beading -- what fabulous possibilities you're building with all of these skills! And your mom sounds like a hoot.

  2. Oh please send them a scarf...there has been a huge void in the music world since the Dixie Chicks stopped recording together. They are why my kids started music lessons.
    What a great time you are having ~ hot music, family time, life lessons, body toning, stress relieving, and beautiful and functional art being created. Keep going!!!