Friday, June 19, 2015

Making memories

The mama stopped by the other day, the first day that I had dragged some of the scarf making stuff out to play/experiment.

She'd just come from another funeral.  The year's been full of them, so far.  And Dad's military memorial service was held at the end of May.  Tough day.  Harder on all of us - Mom, the brothers, and me - than any of us thought it would be.

Mom's always up for learning and trying new things.  So, step by step, we felted two scarves.  One, using sari silk.  The other, a cobweb scarf.  Both of which I forgot to take pictures of.  I was so caught up in the fun.

My sari helper.  Very very tired after a long day outside.
I think this was the first time in a long time, dare I say ever, that Mom and I did a project together and didn't bicker.  We were too busy laughing.  And working together.  We took turns, working on laying out the pattern, working the roving, getting the felt to hold together.

When it came time for fulling, whoa!  This is the part in the felting process when you pick up the scarf and drop it down, over and over, to shock the fibers together.  Who knew that Mom would be so good at this.  :)

She was slamming the scarf down, over and over, harder and harder.  It was kinda funny and kinda scary.

And she can't wait to make more scarves.

The cobweb scarf turned out gorgeous.  Pinks and yellows and creams, soft and lovely.  It'll be the perfect birthday gift for my favorite aunt.  If Mom can bear to part with it.

Next time, I promise.  Pictures.

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  1. All that laughter and creativity and slamming is good for the healing...sounds like you both needed the time together that day. Hoping for less sad times for you all.