Friday, June 12, 2015


My "to be strapped" bin overflows.  As a result, I did a bit of finishing last night, sticking to black beads.

Pretty happy with the results.

This felted necklace has a gorgeous lampwork bead in the center, that kind of spins to show off the dots and swirls on the bead.  It's a decent sized bead, maybe 2 1/2 inches long, which about an inch of felt surrounding it.

I've been playing a little bit with some dichroic cabs, as well.  They're buggers to photograph, as you can tell from this picture.

You can kind of make out the little blue dichroic inclusions in the top black glass cab.  Trust me.  They go perfectly with the fabulous mosaic polymer slice on the bottom.  I got a bunch of these polymer slices a while back, from IkandiClay.  So wonderful.  I can't imagine the patience it takes to get these kaleidoscope designs!

It's hard to see this golden buddha inlay, too.  (Time to put together a photography box, I think.  'Cause even a gray morning left glare.)  This is one of those Etsy finds that didn't have a size included in the description, so I was expecting something much larger than the dime size cab that this Buddha is.  Still pretty wonderful.  And I do try to have a good assortment of smaller sized necklaces for customers, as not everyone likes the big and bold.

I'm also trying to include more collage pieces in my work.  These are my favorites to make.  And some of the best sellers.  Love this raku shard.  Lots of copper and blues and sparkle in it.  It's set off with an array of carnelian and red jasper and onyx.  

I'll be working through the bead bin in the next few weeks, finishing pieces.  Have some cool new ideas I'm playing with, too.  Mixing textiles with embroidery.  Yummy.  Getting stuff ready for a new gallery and the local Art Hop/First Friday show.  Thinking of fall and holiday shows.  Beading in the garden.

These pieces will be posted on Etsy by the end of the week.  (Fingers crossed.)


  1. All gorgeous, and so wearable!
    That first piece is so intriguing. The way you framed the bead in the felt and still left it spinning is genius and tactile and unique and beautiful!
    These are all going to sell fast!

  2. Oh I'm with Christine! what a collection of beautiful pieces, and that first one had me stopped in my tracks. Christine actually gifted me some felt and I've been trying to figure out how to get started with it .... this is the first piece I've seen with felt that makes me want to pull that out and try. What a stunning piece that is!