Monday, June 15, 2015

Textile Designs

So, on a whim, I tried something a few weeks ago.

I layered a cool embroidered scrap of fabric on top of felt, then added that to more felt, and beaded around it.

Here's the end result:

Pretty darn cool, if I do say so.

I'll need to get a side view, to show off how the bezel is raised up around the fabric scrap.

I've got more details to add.  I think this needs some more red blooms or some green leaves, but I'm really happy with the look of the fabric bezel.

And, of course, now I want to do more like this.  So I pulled some others scraps out, for possibilities.

Most of these scraps come from an old bedspread/tapestry that I pulled apart.  Color color color!

These turquoise pieces would be really pretty.  Especially with some turquoise accent beads.

I'm not sure if I'll mix these two pieces together or just use the cream one.  But I love the texture that these add.  

I just love the sense of time and distance, of story, connected to these little scraps of art.  I think they add a detail that I can't manage otherwise using beads or felt.  Which makes me anxious to try a piece that mixes all three elements - beads, textiles, and felt.  Oh my.

If you're wondering where I get these scraps, I found Indian patchwork pillows on Etsy for about $10, no shipping.  I just dismantled all of the pillow covers and viola, scraps.  


  1. I love where you are going with this ~ what a genius (and beautiful!) idea!!! Some of the best of the best comes from scrap.

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