Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Allegan Antique Market

J and I spent Sunday at the Allegan Antique Market.  Held the last Sunday of the month during the summer, it's a great place to shop for unusual items.

Coin purses, about 5" by 5"
We haven't been able to go for the past few years.  But J was looking for an antique egg crate for her supervising professor, as a thank you for successfully guiding her through her MA degree in Anthropology/Archeology.  (Yay, J!)  I'm always on the hunt for embroidered, mirrored fabric pieces.  And, of course, we both love a good jewelry find.

A quilted scrap and a small purse
Right away, I found four fabric pieces.  And, marked at $3 and $4, what a great find.  The large mirrors on the coin purses are old and very heavy.  The quilted scrap is all silk, perfect to put into felting.  In fact, all of these pieces will end up in scarves or shawls, I think.  If my idea on how to do this works out.

Heavy resin trinkets
These little fifty cent trinkets will work perfectly in embroidery pieces.  I've been wanting to do a bunny necklace with lots of flowers.  I'm inspired by the rabbit living in our garden, who has so far eluded all of the cats and the dog by hiding in the center of the moon garden.  So, coming soon - a bunny necklace with a moon and lots of bright pink and yellow flowers.

Odds and ends - old earrings, buttons, and a barrette.
Not sure what the above will turn in to.  I think I'll add enamel paint to the stars.  That gold is pretty shiny.  The gray cameo is fairly large.  I think I might use it as a mold, especially for the center image.  The buttons are pretty cool.  It's so rare to find little boys included in pieces.  Price - $10 for all.

I just love this mixed media heart.  While hearts aren't my favorite design element, this will be fun to work with.  One side is copper, cut into strips.  The other side, I'm not sure.  I think it's resin within the frame, covering some fabric scraps.  Pretty cool at any price, but especially $6.

Enameled dragonfly.  Not old but very cool.
Needing a break from the masses of people milling around in 90 degree heat (with 60+% humidity, yuck), we headed into the barns.  No air-conditioning but lots and lots of jewelry vendors. 

Sparkly rose and a bright orange bloom. 
The smartest vendor at the fair had a large horseshoe shaped display of lots and lots of costume and vintage jewelry, with FANS all over her display.  Not only did the sparkly wonders make people stop to look, the cool breeze kept 'em looking.

My favorites of the days - a gorgeous leaf and a lily of the valley brooch.
We spent a bit of money here.  And time, looking at everything.  While I could have easily spent $500 instead of $70, I'm excited about the pieces I got.  The dragonfly will go in an embroidered collar piece.  The sparkly rose will be the centerpiece of a felted collar.  I'm going to mix the orange posy with other flowers in a big collar piece, maybe adding the leaf to this.  The lily of the valley brooch - well, I might just have to hang onto this for a bit and enjoy it myself.  It is my favorite flower, after all.

We also talked to the vendor about taking her broken bits and pieces off her hands.  In October, we'll go visit her shop.  That should be fun!

In three weeks, we'll head back to the fairgrounds, for the Michigan Fiber Festival.  Yippee!


  1. I am soooo jealous ! I wanna be there, too. Sounds like a Great flea market ! Love and miss you.

  2. Wish you could be here too, Sally!