Sunday, July 26, 2015

Design Inspiration - Doilies

Since coming across a basket of my Grandma M's doilies at my aunt's estate sale, I've been collecting bunches whenever I run across them. 

So many doilies.  So many ideas.

Usually, I can pick them up for a dollar or two, depending on the size and fanciness.  I think I'll be able to incorporate them in my felting and beaded belts. 

Wouldn't this be cool in a window?  Or as a room divider.
I've dyed a few doilies, little ones.  Made of cotton, they take dye really well.  But, I admit, I'm partial to the white ones.  There's just something so elegant about them.

Love this.  I might have to make one.  Or more.

Doilies are so versatile.  Grandma used them under everything.  Even the ruffly ones that made your drink glass fall over.

Love this!  You could put any color behind it, to match decor.
I think part of why I love doilies is because they remind me of spirals, my favorite design symbol.  And, the fact that they're handmade.  By lots and lots of people, of all ages and all backgrounds.

A pillowcase!
So simple.  Yet so complicated.  Like any good piece of art.

This might be overkill on the use of doilies.  But can you imagine it at night, lit up?
Now, if only my fingers liked to crochet.



  1. I love all those ideas you show. I'm never going to look at doilies the same again. I always thought they were pretty but you have opened the door of inspiration and creative possibilities!

  2. I know, Liz! All those examples made me think differently about doilies as well. I think I may even try incorporating some into my felted scarves. Wouldn't that be cool?

  3. brief pause from blog hiatus b/c these doily ideas are awesome!!! the window/room divider and the dream catchers are fantastic! when you start using them, you are going to create even more beauty than you usually do. cannot wait to see what you do!