Friday, July 24, 2015

Dreaming Dreams, Setting Goals

I've actually had time this summer to be a bit reflective.  I've been thinking lots about my life: places I've lived, people I've known, things I've accomplished. 

And I've realized that the saying, "Your thoughts create things" is really very true.

Here's the next thing I'm creating: a studio.

From my Pinterest pages, of course.  Not sure my neighbors would appreciate the colorfulness of this, though.
Actually, I dream about tearing down the garage and getting one of those 14 x 30 foot sheds put in its place.  It doesn't have to be fancy.  

A general idea, but with more, bigger windows.
I'm using the garage right now, for my felting when it's too windy to be in the garden.  Those little wisps of roving are not wind-friendly.  It works.  I've got things organized so I can move around.  But, it's ugly.  Lots of junk in the garage, lots of boxes.  And a distinct odor of animal.  Probably bigger than a mouse or chipmunk.  Maybe dead.  Maybe not.

Not exactly creativity inspiring.

So, I dream.

Pinterest, again.  A bit too opulent, possibly.  But charming.
I dream of a space that's big enough to stretch out in, to contain all of the projects I have in mind.  A space where I can leave project out on the table.  Where I can have a design desk, a picture window big enough to take advantage of the garden view.  A place I can go putter in, during the middle of the night, without waking everyone up.

How fun is this!  Not big enough, though.
 I'm practical.  I have an 800 square foot house.  While I'm not a pack rat, J is.  Part of the studio would have to be storage.  And, I need to repave the driveway.  And, I'm not even sure we'll be living here this time next year (job changes, possibly).

But, THIS.  This is the studio I want:

Mine.  Please.
I even love the colors.

Of course, this outside studio isn't too bad either.  Provided there's no wind.

Backyard garden, mid June.

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