Sunday, July 5, 2015

Three Days, Twelve Scarves

Michigan finally decided that nice weather would be good.  Mid 70s, no wind, mostly sunny.  Perfect felting in the garden weather.


Mama, modeling her first scarf of the day.
I made two scarves on Friday.  One mottled with blues and purples, one similar to Mom's above, only using a piece of a cream colored sari and light pink roving.  (Sorry, no pics of those, mostly 'cause I'm too tired to go out in the garage, bring 'em in, and shoot pictures.)

I made two scarves on Saturday.  One is not at all what I was going for and will get torn apart/reworked into something else.  I was going for ruffles and instead got a mess.  But at least I think I know where I went wrong.

The other one, using a piece of teal sari, will be a practice piece for some of the embroidery I want to do.  I think it's fixable.

Sunday, Mom and J joined me in the scarf making.  Mom and J each made one for themselves (of course), then six more for sale.

Mom, modeling "hers."  This will go great with her red winter coat.
Once we got a rhythm going, the process went pretty fast.  Or at least it seemed fast, 'cause we were laughing and joking and talking to each other and the wrens in the pine tree next to where the tables were set up.  Oh, I love those wrens.

And my day's helpers.

This one is J's.  Very understated colors - pinks, purples, touches of green, yellow and blue.  Perfectly square and even edges.  Of course.
We stuck with cobweb scarves today, since there was a touch of wind.  Anything fancier and we would have had roving all over the yard.  Plus, the cobweb scarves will be a perfect weight for summer/early fall nights.

I think this one looks tye-dyed.  And it's SO soft!
Love the color mix of this, as well.  Great year-round colors.
J fixed us a wonderful dinner - ribs and smashed potato salad.  I was whipped, with all the running back and forth for supplies, with setting everything up.  But energizer bunny Mom said "One more!"  She might be 78, but she's no slacker, that Mama.

This is a paler yellow than it looks here, with touches of white sparkle woven in.
So, we did two more.  And, honestly, I think these turned out the prettiest.  The yellow, above.  And this, which I think looks like a cloud.  Perfectly cobwebby.

I'll try to do more pictures of this beauty, once it's fully dry.
Sometimes, lots of time, simple is best.

These scarves are all pretty simple.  I look at LOTS of samples on Pinterest and Etsy.  And while I look forward to doing fancier pieces, I think these simple scarves will go over really well in this area of fairly conservative dressers.

Most of these are headed to Flat River Gallery (Lowell, MI) on Tuesday, along with some new beadwork.  Our beadwork has done really well there since the beginning of the year.  I'm hoping that these will, too.

On Wednesday, we'll start working on stock for September shows.  Busy busy busy.  And very very blessed.  I am treasuring this time with Mom and J.  

Life is good.



  1. Your beautiful Mom brings out the best in already gorgeous scarves. All that laughter brought bright, happy results. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

  2. All of those scarves you guys made are incredible! They're all gorgeous in their own unique ways :) I think my favorite is the one in the 3rd picture; it's subtle but oh-so pretty! Sounds like your mom is quite the go-getter ^.^

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