Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I've had several nice Etsy sales in the last week.  Good news.

I think it helps that I just relisted a bunch of stuff.  Pieces that were out in galleries that came back unsold.  Pieces that I've finished recently.

Two of the pieces that sold were designs I put together a few years ago, which then got pushed to the waiting pile as I worked on other stuff.

Recently purchased
The above piece is a cool chunk of ceramic I found years ago in an antique shop (I think in Vegas).  I've had it in a baggie with these chunks of turquoise for quite a while.

I think I've written before about how I work in batches.  About 3-4 times a year, I spend a few days putting together LOTS of designs.  All sorts of designs, from big collar pieces to simple cabs.  I glue everything down (527 glue - the best), then separate out the pieces I want to felt.  The "to be felted" pieces go in a separate bin, waiting for the days when I just need to stab a sharp needle into something.  Bead embroidery pieces go in another bin.

And then I start working on the pile.

The other piece that's headed to Alaska.
Right now, I've got about 80 designs in waiting.  And about 50 felted bracelets.  And a big order of dichroic glass bezeling that needs to go out ASAP.  And two really really cool collar pieces to put straps on.  And about 30 necklaces to felt and 25-30 belts to felt.  Not to mention all the nuno scarves.

It helps to have piles.  I find that once I "see" the design of a piece, I rarely forget what I wanted to do with it.  Even if it's years later.  (The above pieces are examples.)  But to set up designs, I have to be in the right head space.  I kinda zone out, move stuff around, wait for that creative "click," and then move on to the next design.

When all I want to do is bead or felt, it's great to be able to reach into the design bins, pull out a few projects, and go to work.  When I have a pile of 9-15 designs done, I start edging. Then, I have a little wooden box (about 4x6x6) that I put pieces in, waiting to be strapped.

Once a piece is strapped, it makes it to the photo shoot pile (which never ever ever seems to disappear).  I tend to shoot pictures and do Etsy listings all on the same day.  Hence the 9-15 at a time.  

Also headed to Alaska.  It started out as an earring design, but then I changed my mind.
So, sometimes a piece doesn't make it to the top of the design pile and gets mixed in with new design ideas.  I'm excited that these newly completed pieces found their home so quickly.  It shows me that the designs are on the right track and that good things come to those who wait.

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