Friday, July 31, 2015

Word Scarves

So I had this idea.

One set of my new cardboard cutouts.
Actually, lately, I've had lots and lots of ideas.  Which I am very grateful for.  Because nothing makes me feel more alive than when my creative juices are a-flowing.

As you know, I've been working on felted scarves.  Lots of felted scarves - cobweb scarves, nuno scarves, pre-felted scarves.  In working with the pre-felts, I had this idea to make "word scarves."  Cutting out letters from prefelt and adding it to the scarves.

My favorite word.  The letters are about 3 inches tall, perfect size to show up well on a scarf.
So I ordered four different fonts and sizes of cardboard alphabets.  Last night, I cut out bunches of words and shapes.  In several different colors.

These symbols will be great in an abstract design.
Using the prefelts made everything easy to cut out.  

funky circles
It'll also make it easy to felt.  

I've seen several examples of abstract inspired scarves that I just think are amazing.  
Klimt inspired scarf by Pam DeGroot
Adding words will be my twist on that.  Sound cool?  I can just see a scarf featuring a favorite quote or poem.  Maybe mixed with flowers or paisleys or spirals or...

That's my kind of art.

Once the weather cools down a bit, I'll get some scarves made and post the results.  Fingers crossed.

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