Monday, August 17, 2015

Felting Library

I have several bead embroidery books that I look at, on occasion.  My favorite?

Jamie Cloud Eakin's designs fit my embroidery sensibilities.  Simple.  Straight-forward.  She uses a lot more fringe than I do, though.

Now that I'm seriously exploring felting, I've started a felting library.  It fit the majority of my crafting books on one bookshelf, I really paired down my collection.

Just the basics, the books I have to have.
Actually, there's probably a few more that I'll get rid of, but for now, this works.  Within this collection, there's answers the felting basics.

Felting!  Design!  Glass!
If I had to recommend one good starting book, I'd say "Uniquely Felt."  It has all the basic information one needs.
Newest additions to the collection
I also like these.  Catherine O'Leary will be having a workshop near Kalamazoo this fall.  But, before I spent $450 on workshop fees, I decided to check out her book.  I like the book.  Doubtful I'll invest in the class.  (Hey, I'd rather spend money on roving.)

Beading design inspiration books.  And pieces of my favorite glass.  And a big amethyst geode.
Now that I'm a Pinterest-aholic, I don't reach for books as often when I need a design spark.  But some of these books are old favorites that I just can't part with.  Yet.  

While I'm finding I'm buying less and less of print books, for design ideas I need them.  I need that visual kick as a jumpstart sometimes.  Along with good clear directions.

What design books are your favorites?  Or, do you use Pinterest and youtube for directions?

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