Monday, August 10, 2015


A few days ago, a package arrived from a mutual sister/friend.  Katlyn, of Mermade Magickal Arts, has been a long time supporter of my artwork.  She's actually the first person that insisted that I call myself an artist, something I will always be grateful for.  As a result, some of my favorite, some of my best designs have been inspired by pieces that Kat's asked me to work on.

Included in a wonderful, delicious box of incense that I received from Kat were two capsules of gemstones.  Amazing sparkly stones.  Stones I would never be able to afford but have always dreamed of.

Ethiopian Opals.  The largest is about the size of a penny.  The fire in all three is unreal.
I don't know if I adequately captured the fire in these stones.  Simply put: they are stunning.

Another angle.

Many years ago when I was traveling all over the country selling my jewelry designs, I met Earil at a festival.  A thunderstorm chased me into her booth.  We spent about an hour talking about gemstones, hematite especially.  I thought I knew lots of gemstone lore.  Earil knew much more.  I also discovered that Earil and Katlyn were long-time friends.

More goodies: Lapis (at top), Labrodorite round, and ammonite triangle.  Amazing.

Even then, Earil walked with a cane.  Diabetes had taken a toll on her body.  But she managed to walk over the festival site to my booth, spending another hour or so looking over my jewelry.

Earil passed away in June, surrounded by those who loved her.  Her struggle with diabetes made her very uncomfortable in the end.  Now, I imagine her laughing and moving around without pain, still sharing her wisdom. 

In turn, I'm sharing in Earil's love of beautiful gemstones, via Katlyn's generosity.

The fire in this labradorite cabochon is incredible.  The stone is bigger than a quarter.
I can't stop fondling these stones.  Just amazing.  And unexpected.  And a gift of love.

Ammonite cabochon.  Just yummy.
My plan is to make some special necklaces with these pieces that can be auctioned off to benefit someone/something in Earil's honor.  It feels like the right thing to do, to continue that generosity of spirit.


  1. sounds like beautiful friendship, and so lovely to make pieces in her honor

  2. What a beautiful tribute to someone who sounds like they were a very special person full of life regardless of the ravages of a terrible illness. Not to mention what a very heartwarming surprise opening up a package to see those beautiful gemstones! I for one can't wait to see what you create with your lovely gifts :)