Friday, August 28, 2015

Jewelry box - necklaces

Actually, I don't use a jewelry box for my personal necklaces.  Mostly because I don't have the space for a jewelry box in my bedroom in the winter when the house plants take over.

I use hooks instead.
These hooks have really cool paisley tops.  Found them years ago at World Market.
Are you surprised that most of my jewelry is beaded?  :)  Some of these are pieces that didn't sell that I appropriated for my own use.
circa 2012
Like this piece, which has a bakelite focal.  I horrified the vendor that I bought it from, by saying I was going to tear it apart.  I think that jinxed the piece, because it's never sold.  Even though it looks really stunning with a black dress or top.

circa 2005
Another rescue.  Actually, I never tried very hard to sell this.  I love the subtle shading of the flowers in the embroidery.  And the dragonfly raku pendant is one of the first raku pieces I ever bought.  I wear this pretty often with a purple top.  Just the right amount of dressy for me.

circa 2008
I made this piece while I was going to Ohio State for my MA in Gender and Women's Studies.  I wanted a turquoise necklace to go with something.  And I wanted a long necklace.  It had the extra bonus of being really annoying to wear in class.  The copper discs are pretty jingly.  One of my professors frowned at me whenever I wore it.  Well, she frowned at me other times, too.  But, the necklace contributed.

circa mid 1990s.
This kyanite piece is one of the first bead embroidery necklaces I made.  Really simple.  But that kyanite is just lovely in person.  Very sparkly.  I've lengthened the necklace a few times over the years, but the embroidery has held up well.

Paisley necklace, circa 2008
Another OSU piece.  AKA the most expensive bead I've ever purchased, the paisley bead.  I love the mix of garnets and czech glass on this.  And I still think I got a good deal on the bead.

Circa 2000
I rarely wear this necklace.  In fact, I'm had it in the "to be reworked" bin several times.  But it's such a hippy style, I can't tear it apart.  Back when I first started beading, I did a lot of off loom bead weaving.  This triangle is from then.  Totally funky.
Funkalicious, circa 2009
Also funky, this piece.  And this sucker is heavy!  Those are 18 mm turquoise beads and that's a big ole geode slice.  Another piece that's been in and out of the redo pile.  I'll probably end up tearing it apart, rescuing the wonderful tye-dye polymer cabochon.

Prayer necklace, 2010
My prayer necklace.  Love the buddha in this case.  And the lampwork.  This is another long necklace, like a rosary.  Love the pale blues of the amazonite in this.
circa 2005
Another favorite.  It reminds me of the ocean, the swirls in this lampwork.  The silver squiggle beads are so much fun.  And, apparently, need polishing.

Goddess necklace, 2012

Finally, my power necklace.  She reminds me that I have wings to fly.  The fossilized sand dollar is amazing.  And the sunstones in neckstrap are some of the prettiest I've ever seen.  Lots of internal fire.

I'd love to see photos of your favorite personal necklaces.  How about posting a photo on the BrisingBeads facebook page?  I'll send out a gift to the favorite at the end of the week!

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