Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Back to basics

Two weekends in September were spent doing art shows.  There's something really cool about being in your booth and having someone walk in and want to talk about how and why you make what you make.

"Are you the artist?"

I love those words.  So validating.  So inspiring.

Ceramic heart, 2015
One of my favorite things about being an artist is that I often get to use other artists' work in my work.  On a recent "I can't sleep," 4 a.m. cruise through Etsy, I found these gems:

One of a kind wood brooches, 2015
The price for all 6 was a steal ($19), so I snapped them up.  Different in style from what I usually work with but the detail = just amazing.

J put this one together, using just a simple frame of bead embroidery.

And this one:

I just can't get over the detail.

I have a few more to set into pieces.  At least one will go into a larger collar or collage piece.  I think they'll be popular necklaces in this area, given all of the farming and rural communities around.

MakuStudios, 2015
Always a favorite artist to work with - Mak from MakuStudios.  Mak's raku ALWAYS sells out, in every show.  Better, she's a wonderful artist to work with, an artist that understands the needs of other artists.

I'm hoping I can keep up with posting new stuff on Etsy every Wednesday.  We'll see.  Come the end of October, most of our stock heads out the door for holiday shows.

Sunday, September 27, 2015



It's been a busy few weeks.  Honestly, I think J and I have crammed a year's worth of work into the month of September.  Between school and getting ready for holiday shows and doing two shows and producing a big wholesale order, and two job applications, well.  Busy busy busy.

And, here it is, Sunday evening again.  Time to get on the weekly roller coaster once again.

Knowing this about Mondays gets me through the week, though.