Saturday, November 21, 2015

Beading my fingers to the bone

J and I don't have to put on our monkey clothes (aka dress-up teaching appropriate clothes) for over a week, due to the Thanksgiving break.


Or, in other words, BEAD DAYS!

Which works out perfectly because our biggest show of the holiday season is the first weekend of December.  And I have LOTS left on my "to-do" list.

These need to be edged and strapped:
Note that gorgeous MakuStudios heart!
Rose quartz, citrine, and a lovely pendant
Really simple setting for a MakuStudios spiral.
Big Mucha collar piece.
I wanted some bead embroidered "show stoppers" to display.  My focus has been on felting most of the summer and fall.  It felt kind of good to get back to my beady roots.  I'm undecided about the Mucha piece.  It's going to be one that people either love or hate.  With a base of garnet 4mm beads, button pearls, blister pearls, and lucite flowers, I think I captured the spirit of the Mucha print.

Mermaid fairy felt collar
 I've had this felted collar in my "to be finished" pile for over a year.  Maybe almost two.  I think I'll add in some pearl drops along the edges, for some extra movement.  

Hoping to finish these this weekend, so I can get to the pile of felted bracelets that's waiting.

Felted bracelet "blanks," just waiting for beads and buttons.
More on the bracelets, next week!  


  1. some real show stoppers here! how the show is a big success!!

  2. Oh, I think the Big Mucha piece will be one of the first to go! That half circle is stunning, as are the bountiful beads surrounding it!
    There is not one piece in this particular batch that I wouldn't want to touch, try on, ponder, or desire to own. Truly strong work here! Best of sales at the show!

  3. That Mucha piece made my jaw drop! The lucite flowers trailing up the one side is a gorgeous touch. I wish you all success in the upcoming show, and with the works you have in all those galleries (8, you said?!) How fun it would have been if you had done the Evanston show -- I would have loved the chance to see your work in person (and maybe meet you, too!)