Friday, November 13, 2015

Turning Inward


Burning Bush, 2015

That season of high color and high activity, as everything shifts into high gear only to suddenly, come to a stop as the weather gets increasingly colder.

Autumn, the season of relief.  I start worrying about how we're going to get all of our leaves raked by the city pick-up date almost as soon as the trees start budding in the spring.  With six maple trees, a birch tree, and about a dozen other smaller trees, there are a lot of leaves to consider.

Almost as many leaves as beads to bead for fall shows.  I start working on arranging the holiday sales schedule in June.  Since I try to expand our sales reach every year, there's a considerable amount of research involved. 

Front maple tree, in all its glory, 2015
Add in all the school stuff - teaching, researching, writing.  Whew.

As of yesterday, the garage is cleared out, the leaves are raked, the snow blower is getting tuned up, all of the jewelry is sent out to the galleries, and there's only a few weeks left of school.  

Back yard maple, 2015
And, me, I'm ready to slow down a bit.  Ready to start dreaming of next year's designs.  I have projects I didn't get to this year that I still want to explore - clothing designs, especially.  Mostly, I can feel myself drawing inward, becoming more reflective, spending more quiet time.  I'm taking an extra half hour to snuggle in my bed, partly because it's warm, partly because it's calm.  There's just a general sense of "Ahhhhh."

What about you?  Do you "shift" with the seasons?


  1. The beauty of those leaves makes the work they bring almost worth it!
    Fall colors bring the most comfort, despite that they whisper, "Winter is next."
    Wishing good jewelry sales for you two! And a calm winter ahead.
    I very much shift ~ I have five seasons ~ Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, November. I approach each with different energy and mindset. This year I am rocked from my comforts and the mind of each season, as my daughter is college shopping, applying, etc. There was no set rhythm to the seasons this Summer, Fall, November. So far, it doesn't seem like a bad thing...other than my blog is neglected because I cannot form coherent thoughts.