Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas @ Wings - Year Four!

Whoo-hoo!  It's here!  Our biggest show of the year.  (And the second to the last, which also makes me happy.)

Christmas @ Wings, 2015
We're in our usual spot - the Cube Lobby - again.  Most of our neighbors are also the same.  It's fun to come into the building and see people you only see once a year.  Linda, the Wreath Lady.  The Jerky People.  Kathy and Mark, the dichroic glass people.  Looks like we have a new gourmet dessert booth in the mix, too.  Might have to check that out...

We're going with one 8 foot table this year, so that we have time for a rack of scarves.  The scarves are selling really well at all our art gallery/museum shows.  I'm hoping that they do well here!  


I never notice how colorful our designs are until I see them all together.  Wow!  How cheerful!

Now, I need a nap, before I finish up a few more projects, make some booth signs, have a cup of tea, and go to bed.

Here's to a great weekend!


  1. Hope the show was a success!!! Thee is something for everyone on your table ~ what a bright and happy display of handmade goodness :-)

  2. We look forward to hearing how it all went!