Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Just now coming up for air after two busy weeks.

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The Wings Stadium show was a success.  So busy!  This is always a well-attended show, but this year especially so.  I'm sure the nice weather in Michigan has a lot to do with it!  The crowds on Saturday were non-stop.  The crowds on Sunday were in a buying mood.  :)

Our scarves sold well.  So well that I don't have any nuno scarves left to take pictures of.  Guess I'll have to make more, right?

Felted bracelets also sold very well, as did smaller necklaces.

It's so rewarding to have people find pleasure in the things you've worked so hard to create.  And to enjoy browsing in the booth.  We had lots of positive comments on our display, with many people saying how fun and colorful it was.  Exactly my goal!

One of the other goals J and I had for the weekend was to put positive energy out into the world.  with all of the "terror" negativity going on, we wanted to focus on love.  We set aside a handful of simple jewelry as give-aways.  Always, there are people that come to the booth, admire what they see, but then walk away with regret - from lack of funds or lack of belief that they deserve beautiful things.

Late Saturday morning, a little girl of about 8 or 9 came up to the booth with her dad.  She put one hesitant finger out to the edge of the table, rubbing a pearl.  Dad didn't say anything, but guided her away.  I handed J a plastic pearl necklace and she caught up with them in the crowd.  After showing Dad and getting his permission, she bent down and told the little girl, "Santa told me to look for the little girl in the red coat and give these to you!"

J put the little necklace around her neck.  The girl looked up in wonder at her dad.  We watched them walk away, the little girl smiling.  She even took off her coat, so that everyone could see her new necklace.

It was such a nice reminder and affirmation of what we try to accomplish with our designs.  Simple joy.  A bit of transformation.  Lots of love.

While the great sales are important because they allow us to keep making the art we love, it's the look of wonder on that little girl's face that's worth more.