Sunday, January 10, 2016

Oh, Earrings

Earrings are one of those jewelry items that I wear every day.  I feel kinda nekkid if I go out of the house without at least one set of earrings on.  Notice I said "set."  More and more, I go for mix and match, rather than pairs.

Polymer cane slices
In an attempt to spice up my earring fetish, I found these wonderful polymer clay canes from Ikandi Clay.  Check out that detail!  Her kaleidoscope canes are nothing short of amazing! 

Ivy had some great after the holiday clearance sales.  So I got a great selection to mix and match.  

Ivy also posts really detailed directions on her website, to make slicing and baking the canes very easy.  I like a matte finish on these slices, so I won't polish them.  Plus polish is a little too labor intensive for earrings I plan to sell for $5.

We sell bunches of earrings at our fall and holiday shows.  That $5 price point makes the perfect "pick it up" present.  The trick is to keep material costs under $1.  So these canes that run about $2 a piece (clearance prices), sliced into 20+ pieces work really well as striking additions to beads and chinese crystals.  Putting all the little holes in the slices is a perfect chore to complete while binge-watching (Outlander!  OMG!  My new reading/viewing obsession!).

Now that I have my piles of polymer AND have spent a week sorting/organizing my bead stash, I can start making earrings.  Honestly, earring production is my least favorite jewelry task.  But I think working with these beauties will make it MUCH more fun this year!

Go check out Ikandi!  Save her to your Etsy favorites.  Amazing customer service, gorgeous polymer, even sends freebie canes with each order!

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