Friday, January 29, 2016


Look what came in the mail yesterday - lots and lots of saris.  Forty of 'em.

I get these saris from CatFluff on Etsy.  Great customer service!  Dani hand picks the saris based on the colors requested.  These are all used saris.  Some do show their wear, which I actually think only enhances the beauty.  A small percentage have rips or tears.  Since they are silk and old, this is expected.  And, since I'm making nuno scarves out of them, rips and tears are no big deal.

I buy the 22 kilo bundle, which has anywhere from 35-40 full size saris included.  It's like a very colorful Christmas when we open the bundle!  At $185 (including shipping), each sari comes out to cost less than $5.  Not bad.  Especially considering that I can get between 4 and 8 nice sized scarves out of EACH sari.

There are usually a few saris in each bundle that have beading all over or are a heavier weight.  I hold these out for special projects.  I have several set aside to make kimonos and/or large shawls with.  I've also used saris for curtains.  Stunning when the light comes through the silk!

Part of why I like using the saris in the nuno felt is because of the history involved in the pieces.  I find myself wondering about the story of the scarf.  Was the woman who wore it happy?  Was she loved and treasured?  What events did the sari attend?  So many questions...  I like that a piece of someone else's history goes on to become a piece of another woman's life history.

Yes, I'm thrifty and that's part of what drives me to use saris in my work.  And, the silk crinkles up in such a cool way, when felted.  And the colors!  Oh, the colors!  But, mostly, it's the history.  And the proof that women all over the world treasure beautiful things.

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  1. The colors are gorgeous! That was one of the things that I enjoyed most about India ... the beautiful saris and colors of the fabric. We brought back quite a bit of hand stamped cotton and silks. The craftsmanship is amazing