Sunday, January 24, 2016


When I was little, I wanted a sister SO badly.  I asked Santa.  I prayed.  I even lied when people asked me if I had brothers or sisters.  When brother number 3 came along, I told Mom and Dad to take 'im back.  I wanted a sister.

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Today, when I look at my life (as one tends to do in early January/New Year), I am so blessed to have a bevy of beautiful, wondrous sisters.  Sisters that feed my soul, spark my creativity, hold me up when I'm blue, kick me in the ass when I need it.  Mostly, sisters that amaze me with their own special wildness and wisdom.

So grateful...


  1. Sisters are amazing. I am lucky to have one I grew up with, but also lucky to have a handful of friends that are like sisters to me. Both give me strength. Love the image

  2. The image for today is so beautiful and strong. I never wanted a sister until I began witnessing the bond between my two daughters. My deepest desire in life is that their bond remains rock solid forever. No matter where we get our sisters ~ in our own family or outside it ~ as long as we find them and they find us is all that matters.