Sunday, January 31, 2016


"Competition"  (So sorry.  I lost the business card for this artist!)

Jaynee got me this photo from a fellow artist at the Wings Christmas show in December.  He titled it "Competition," explaining that this was how artists look at each others work.

At first, I didn't get it.  Then, I spent some time looking at the intent gazes of this wolf trio.  Look at that focus.  That curiosity.  That interest.  

I'm uncomfortable with "competition."  Even though I recognize and admit that I am competitive.  Maybe it's my gender conditioning.  Girls are supposed to be "nice," right?  Competition isn't usually viewed as falling in that "nice" category.

But competition is healthy.  Competition is a big part of how I learn new techniques, try new things.  Competition makes me aware of my various fields - what's being done, what I think I can do differently.  Sometimes, what I think I can do better.

I've long admired wolves.  They're pack animals that still maintain a very vibrant sense of self.  And, they compete to be the best - for the welfare of their pack and to survive as individuals.

I keep this picture near my work desk.  It's a good reminder to be the best I can be AND to be proud of this.

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