Friday, January 15, 2016

Women's History

I'm hard at work on my dissertation that examines the activist work that went into establishing a national Women's History Month.  In my diss, I also look at whether setting aside March as an annual celebration is counter-productive.  Or, whether this still serves an important purpose.

On the one hand, the experiences and achievements of women remains a neglected topic for discussion in most school curriculum, from early elementary through college.  On the other hand, by separating women's history (and African American/Native American/Latino/LGBTQ history, as well) into its own "special" month, the traditional narratives of history don't change, don't become more inclusive.

I'm torn.  I want to celebrate Women's History, because I think it's important to make women's stories more well known.  But, as a historian, I also want the history of women to be recognized as History.  Not some special category.

So, this year, I'm going to feature Women's History notes ALL YEAR, on Fridays.  'Cause women make history ALL YEAR.  Women change history ALL YEAR.

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