Thursday, March 17, 2016


For the past few years, I've wanted to do my bead embroidery on a bigger canvas.  After 20 years and (I figure) at least 5000 bead embroidered necklaces, I'm not out of inspiration but I am short on desire. Working with felt the past few years only increased my frustration to do "more."  Plus, working with the fiber re-ignited a life-long interest in textiles.  All those colors.  All those patterns.  All the feels!

Sample of a Doreen Bell mosaic

Plus, I wanted a way to combine my work as a historian and gender scholar with my spirituality and my creativity.  And, since I like the extra income my art can bring, I needed something financially viable.  You know - spend money to make money to spend money on more art supplies.  Important!

Lisa Walton textile sample
Back in August, 2015, someone gave me a bag of used clothes - a few vintage silk dresses, an old jean jacket, a few tee shirts  I shoved them in Grandma's old cabinet until this winter, next to the embroidered tapestries and doilies and fabric stash I've collected forever.  

And started to think about how I could use all these bits and pieces in a new adventure...


  1. You are SO READY to take beads and felt to a larger place. Larger physically, spiritually, artistically. Honor your creativity and intuition, walk through that door. The ground is fertile. The seed is growing and plant will flourish like never before !!!