Friday, April 22, 2016

While this was going on...

Surprise!  Fake Spring in Michigan, 2016
...this was going on.
Felted belt, 2016
I decided to combat the fake spring weather with bright bold colors and lots of texture.  These belts/headwraps/headbands are SO much fun to make!  And with the summer festival season on the horizon (somewhere.  Unless that warmer weather will also turn out to be a fake), it's perfect timing for some bolder designs.

Belt, 2016
Last fall, I did up a bunch of "blanks," long pieces of needle felt.  When I got caught up in holiday shows, I shoved the bag up on the shelf.  

So glad that I had these done ahead of time.  All I had to do on a snowy weekend was take them down and start playing with adding the fun bits - appliques, beads, textile scraps, lace, charms.

Mirrored belt, 2016
And mirrors!  I got two big bags of shisha mirrors from my sari supplier.  Perfect accents for these belts!

Love the tye dye liner on this belt!
The hardest part about making these belts is figuring out how long to make them.  Originally, I used ribbon ties on the end, to make them very adjustable.  But customer feedback asked for elastic ties and buttons.  After making these, I'm not sure that's workable, as it seriously limits the sizing.  I may have to resort to rivets and laces.  We'll see.

Subtle colors (kinda), 2016
A friend uses her belt as a hatband, an idea I love.  And one worth developing as a marketing tool.  I've long wanted to bead embroider a felt cowboy hat.  Wouldn't that be cool?  So, maybe felted, beaded hatbands are the next best thing...

Rhea, 2016
Regardless of my fiber and beady plans, Rhea remains unimpressed.  She's snuggling until fake spring is over.

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  1. I've always wanted to do the hat band too ~ a long peyote strip, nothing too thick.
    These are So Spring Garden and so so beautiful! Your fiber/bead creations have such a warmth to them. Is Spring here to stay?