Friday, May 13, 2016

Following the Yellow Brick Road

We're headed to Kansas today, for graduations (Brother - BS in Antique Auto Restoration (how cool), Nephew - High School (then headed for acting college in Chicago, equally cool), with a side trip to Dallas (friend/family visit).

I do love a road trip.

And, the Wizard of Oz.  Which, how can you visit Kansas and not think about Dorothy and the gang?

During our last visit to Kansas, we stopped at the Wizard of Oz Museum.  FABulous little spot, chock full of everything Oz.  Not sure we'll make it this time, but maybe we'll play the movie soundtrack while we drive.

Very much hoping to NOT meet any tornadoes during the trip...

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  1. All good things to you and congrats to your loved ones on their very cool accomplishments! Safe travels!