Friday, May 27, 2016

So excited

I'm so excited about this shed!

10 x 16 of delicious space.  Sigh.

We've been saving for two years for this lovely.  Saving and planning.  I think I drove J a bit crazy with the decision making.  And one of my brothers.  What size, what company, what material.  How to prep the space.  What space in the yard to put it.  Oh, decisions.

Getting the shed is the first step to creating a home studio.  Really, the whole house acts as a studio now.  With only 800 square feet, the beads take over the living room.  Trims for the upcycled clothing have taken up half of my bedroom.  Felting takes place in the garage or on tables in the yard.

Since we want to work on felted clothing and larger designs, we need to expand to the garage.  Sadly, I don't have $20,000 to spare to tear down the garage, re-pave the driveway, pour a new slab, and put up a new, larger garage.  (Yet.)  So, we'll transfer all of the stuff stored in the garage to the shed.  Then, get an electrician in for better garage lighting.  Then, re-organize the garage to fit the sewing machine and 2-3 long tables.  Then, felt felt felt.

Sounds like a plan.

On Monday's agenda, paint the shed.  I think we'll keep it the same neutral color it is now.  It blends nicely.  In a few weeks, it'll fit right in with everything else in the garden.

So happy.