Monday, May 9, 2016

Wrist Wraps

Last month I sold a large wrist wrap.  At 5 inches wide, it made quite a statement.

Joy, 2014
So, I took this sale as a sign that the world needed more wide wrist wrap bracelets.  'Cause why not?  They are SO much fun to make, after all.

Here's what I came up with, and I must say, I'm pretty pleased. 

Goddess Glen, 2016
Spree wrist wrap, 2016
India, 2016
Turquoise Bloom, 2016
So colorful and cheerful!  All of these are over 4 inches wide, so they really make a statement. 

I have about six more of these in the infamous (and endless) "to do" pile.  Equally bright and colorful.  Must have something to do with the spring burst of color all over the place.  Once these are done, I'll start working on some thinner felted bracelets, which are turning into one of our best selling designs.  (Love it when I make stuff that sells!)


  1. These are fantastic!!! I like pieces that give a warn hug to the wrist ~ they are a comfort.

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