Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Find me on Instagram

Currently, I'm suffering from a lack of time.  I'm dissertating in the mornings (research, writing, revising, repeat), felting in the early afternoon, beading at night, business planning on the weekends.  This doesn't leave (much) time for blogging.  What I'm not doing?  Sleeping.  But that's nothing new.

So, for the foreseeable future, posts here will be rare. 

I invite you to join me on Instagram at #brisingbeads.  It's fun.  It's colorful.  It's quick(!)  It's becoming a mini-blog.  I'm even going to institute Wednesday Wisdom (which I have really missed doing here).

Come join me!  There's interesting things in the works for BrisingBeads (which I can't talk about yet, but let's just say - potentially good news for 2017).  Or, look for semi-frequent updates on the BrisingBeads facebook page.  Lots of info there on both BrisingBeads Designs and BeFashionBoutique!