What's So Special About Beads?

Anything that has a transformative effect on the quality of life becomes sacred.

From ancient times, beads have impacted our lives.  Whether worn for decoration, used in lieu of coins in trade or as a focal point in prayer, beads symbolize the circle of life.

The outer shell of the bead is defined by color, size, shape and texture.  The past, present and future handling of the bead affects its life.  How each bead connects to other objects is also important to its survival.

At the heart of each bead lies a center point.  No matter what its physical shape or span, this point is within every bead.  This center point is both a beginning and an end.  It is the essence of the bead.  It is what gives the bead its individual dimension.  It is the common element.  It is the life force of the bead.

Only the sacred can fulfill the deepest desires of an individual.  Positive and negative forces are all around us, influence us every day.  Yet within each person is also a center point, a life-force.  Perhaps, instead of concentrating on the difference between us, we can focus on this commonality.  Then the sacred becomes the center of our lives.  Like the bead, we become connected to the circle of life that envelopes us all.
I created this video several years ago, as a way to teach about history.  Enjoy!